Tar Oil

Tar Oil is authentic product made from nature's own antibacterial ingredients and which is meant for maintaining horses' and dogs' well-being. For example, Tar Oil has softening and healing effect for the skin. Product has received great success in treating summer rash and other irritating abrasions. Tar Oil treats cracked heels efficiently, is great in healing hoof abscesses and works just as a hoofsalve as well.


Tar Oil has also turned out to be an efficient tick exiling product for dogs and it is exceptional for treating dry paws and other indurations. During the summer dogs can also suffer from hotspots in which Tar Oil is efficient and good product to ease the itching and help promote healing.


Tar Oil is an effective, tar scented mosquito repellent for humans as well. It can also ease the itching caused by the mosquito bites.


Tar Oil has supportive effect in treating infections.


Tar Oil consists of small amounts of tar, honey, common yarrow and natural oil. The common yarrow has been processed with strong alcoholic substance to help dissolve ingredients which have effective qualities for health. The common yarrow has been used for infection healing purposes for centuries. Honey, an antibacterial ingredient straight from nature, helps healing abscessed lecions in humans as well. Tar has been known for thousands of years as a bacteria killing substance and it is still used in treating horses' hooves. Tar oil is anhydrous, oil-based.